Release 19-04: UX Enhancements Improve Dashboard Experience


We’re excited to report a release that is packed with visual and functional enhancements to the Systum platform.


First and foremost, we’ve made significant improvements to the UX (user experience) when using the Systum dashboard. Now, you’ve got fewer distractions on the dashboard home page, the ability to further customize your widgets and roles and access key reports with just one click of your mouse.

In addition to these visual enhancements, you’ll also find in this release:

  • New User Interface and Dashboards
  • Complete refresh of our CEO Dashboard
  • Role-based dashboards that display customized data
  • Ability to save time with one-click access to reports and most frequent tasks
  • A more powerful purchase order process
  • Easily and efficiently manage large volume of stock
  • Expanded integration features with Xero
  • Role-based customizations so you can access your most important data
  • More seamless iPad App experience for order fulfillment, including pick pack and ship process, invoice processing, and sales order management

If you’d like a demo of these new features and more, reach out to us by filling out the form below.

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