Release 18-11: Built-In Buyer Financing and Enhanced Bill of Lading


Naturally, our customers know that we have one of the strongest platforms today for B2B eCommerce customers and wholesale distributors. That’s why we’re excited about today’s release, which really is a dream if you’re servicing and supporting the B2B buyer.


First and foremost, we are happy to introduce that the Systum platform now integrates with Bread, which helps retailers offer pay-over-time solutions as a way to build stronger connections with consumers and B2B buyers while improving sales conversions and brand loyalty.

Because Bread is white-label solution, your B2C and B2B customers won’t be aware that you’re using a 3rd-party solution to help them finance their purchases from your company.


You’ll inherently see an increase in sales from new and existing customers by presenting customers the option to finance long before they reach checkout by presenting such options earlier in the shopping journey.


In addition to this exciting new enhancement, we are announcing additional upgrades in this release that are especially helpful to wholesale distribution and eCommerce companies that are managing their own warehouses.


In this release, you’ll find improvements to optimize your warehouse operations, such as:

  • Continued enhancements to batch processing of customer orders that automatically generate the pick, pack and ship documentation needed to expedite order processing
  • Advanced BOL (Bill Of Lading) features

If you’d like a quick, live demo of the Bread integration with Systum or you’d like to see the warehouse and order processing enhancements in this release, fill out the form below.


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