Release 18-10: Online Grid Ordering and Custom Pricing



Historically, large-scale orders for footwear and apparel wholesale distributors or online retailers have been too complex and cumbersome to bring online.


Consider footwear as a prime example of how complicated and lengthy orders can get when ordering just one SKU, of which there are variations on colorway, size and width—resulting in dozens of line item orders. A preseason order might then result in dozens of pages given how many SKUs your customers are ordering.


Even when you’re meeting your customers at a trade show, for example, or you’re taking preseason orders, you carried around a grid order form on actual paper until you met the intended buyer. You had to find a scanner or fax machine to get the order to your customer service rep, who then manually entered the order for your customer.


In some cases, this process might take days due to travel and the rep’s availability.


Overall, the enhancements you’ll find in this release are relevant to making large-scale, grid orders easy and done in less time when compared to traditional methods. Now, your customers can log into B2B or B2C portal, easily find the SKUs they want to order and place large-scale orders in minutes.

In addition, your customers can review their own large orders versus leaving it in the hands of their sales and customer service representatives. When your customers use your portal to place large orders, they can also view real-time product availability and order totals as compared to the old method.


The other major enhancement you’ll love in this release is the ability to provide your customers with customized pricing by product family, as volume pricing or by percentage. This makes it easy for you to provide your customers with their pricing within your B2B portal.

If you’d like a quick, live demo of how to apply customized pricing or how to set up grid ordering for your customers, fill out the form below!


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