Release 18-09: Reporting Enhancements Provide Analytics for Better Decision Making


Naturally, our customers know that one of the benefits of the Systum platform is its ability to unify teams and data. By creating a single source of truth, you remove doubt when it comes to data.


With the addition of the reporting module as well as your existing sales, marketing and finance data, you have the ability to run complex reports within Systum in minutes. On other platforms, it can take weeks to merge data silos to get a complete analysis of how your business is really doing.



Quick access to reliable reporting aids company leadership in making informed decisions with data, something that used to only be available to enterprise companies that could afford enterprise-priced software. Those days are gone. Whether you’ve got five or 500 employees, you’ve now got enterprise-level reporting at your fingertips within the Systum platform.


So, what kind of business analytics software are we talking about here? Let’s dig in. Here’s a small sample of reporting options you have within Systum:

  • Review sales, product and marketing data across every channel
  • Which products are best sellers within each channel
  • Report on open opportunities by channel
  • Which marketing campaigns have the best ROI
  • Which lead sources have the best conversions
  • Which products have the best margins compared against best sellers
  • How quickly does customer service resolve tickets/issues


As you can tell, we’re pretty excited about these reporting enhancements. By building a reporting layer over our powerful database that acts as your company’s single source of truth, our customers truly have access to enterprise-grade reporting.


If you’d like a quick, live demo of how you can create, save and schedule reports within the Systum platform, fill out the form below.


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