Release 18-08: Key Enhancements for Your B2B eCommerce Portal


In this release, we’re excited to announce that we’ve made multiple enhancements that make it possible for you to host a self-service B2B storefront, or customer portal.


This release includes enhancements that are not only visible to your B2B buyers in your storefront, or password-protected customer portal, but also every aspect of the post-buying process, from order tracking to detailed packing lists included in each delivery.


B2B Portal Enhancements


  • Password protected login with account-specific pricing

  • Self-manage account details and preferences

  • View available credit limit

  • Create orders and save until ready to submit

  • Generate orders without going through checkout process

  • Download invoices, make payments against specific invoices

  • View available inventory in real-time


Improved Bill of Lading (BOL)


An easy-to-generate and clear bill of lading is a binding legal document between the shipper and the carrier. It also protects you—the seller—as well as the shipper and your customer. A BOL ensures the intended items are, in fact, packed correctly and if there is an error, it helps both parties determine where the error occurred.


Many companies are forced to combine manual processes in order to create a complete BOL for their customer and their own protection. Instead, we've automated the BOL creation process within Systum, removing the occurrence of human error by creating a system of checks and balances before an order is shipped.


As such, our BOL enhancements in this release include:

  • Customizable for load- or pallet-based shipments

  • Automatically generate packing list for warehouse from BOL

  • Copy a BOL from a prior shipment

Other updates include:

  • Ability to create natural search keywords for SEO

  • Add custom fields to record during checkout


If you’d like to learn the other ways Systum can help you create an exceptional customer experience for B2B buyers, submit your information below to schedule a short demo and discussion.


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