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Successful online advertising gets your ads in front of the right audience. Google AdWords allows businesses to direct their efforts to those needing what they’re offering. This increases your chances of attracting customers willing to engage with your company.


How Does It Work?

Users enter search terms, called keywords, into Google. They receive results back based on Google’s analysis of the user’s profile and the search terms entered.

Google AdWords lets businesses pay for the opportunity to place digital ads in front of their target audience. It’s a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) – attracting new visitors to your website with paid advertising.


Use It The Right Way

Success hinges on how well you leverage the tool. You need a firm strategy when it comes to:

  • Picking keywords
  • Designing your ads
  • Managing bids

Most people struggle with AdWords because they rush into placing ads without considering the impact they will have.


The Importance Of Keywords

Think about the audience you’re trying to draw. What type of terms would they enter into Google? Pinpointing the right keywords for your ads helps drive customers to your site.

Google has a free tool that lets you analyze trends around various customer searches. Play around with terms and searches to come up with what’s right for use in your ads. The more specific they are to your services, the better.


Designing Your Ads

Ads should be grouped together based on the segment your business is promoting to. Your ads should contain relevant keywords while still sounding natural. The wording of your ad should be phrased to tie into content on your website. Create at least two or three ads for each campaign.

Don't use deception to attract the attention of users. No one likes clicking on an ad promising something the site doesn't deliver. Configure your ad links to direct the user to a section of your site that offers exactly what they're looking for.


Bids And Pricing

You submit bids for ad placement representing the maximum you’re willing to pay. Your ad gets assessed for a final quality score and ranking. The better your quality, the less you end up paying.

Google determines your final ranking based on the likelihood of that user clicking your ad. Google AdWords makes tools available that show you how well your ads perform. The goal is getting positive interaction from the users who land on your site. That increases the ROI on your investment.

Google AdWords offers companies an opportunity to put themselves in front of the customers they’re trying to reach.  Well-designed ads could pay off dividends for your company.


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