To our Customers: This Release is for you!


We listen to our customers and your opinion matters to us. As a result, we have you to thank for the recent enhancements that we’ve made to Systum this week. So, thank you. Now, let’s dive into what we’ve improved with your help.


The biggest enhancement is a new integration with Worldwide Express. Now, you can setup Worldwide Express as a shipper in accounts, providing you with yet another shipping option for your customers. Worldwide Express is ideal for small to medium businesses and can help you get the best rate possible for your shipments.

We’ve also made the customer terms field viewable on quotes and invoices. This enhancement helps to ensure that your customer is always aware of what their terms are at any time during the quoting and invoicing process, improving their customer experience through clear communication. 


In addition to the aforementioned enhancements, we’ve implemented other improvements that positively impact the overall performance of the Systum platform. As we continue to strive to create the best platform for our customers, your feedback is a critical part of the process. So keep that feedback coming!


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