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How to Combat Inventory Shrinkage (Inventory Loss) In Your Business

Inventory shrinkage is a problem today for any business that stores products in a warehouse. Ignore the problem and it could cost your business thousands of dollars a year. Or you could lose customers to a competitor because you’re out of stock due to inventory… View More

19-06 Release: Improved Mobile App and New Reporting Options

In this release, you’ll find significant improvements to reports and the mobile application, both of which are critical to your success as a wholesale distributor.   The new reporting options are targeted to impact sales teams. The new… View More

How to Use The Safety Stock Formula To Win Customer Loyalty

Safety stock is an essential component of any successful inventory management plan. Without it, you run the risk of losing a new customer to a competitor or disappointing a current customer by not being able to fulfill their order. Some customers are unwilling to wait out a… View More


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