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To our Customers: This Release is for you!

We listen to our customers and your opinion matters to us. As a result, we have you to thank for the recent enhancements that we’ve made to Systum this week. So, thank you. Now, let’s dive into what we’ve improved with your help.   The… View More

How an Automated Inventory Management System Helps to Grow Your Business

Automating inventory management brings many benefits. It improves inventory management, customer satisfaction and your profitability, for example. However, the challenge lies in implementing it.   To help you understand why automated inventory… View More

How to Drive Sales with B2B Distributor Marketing

With the right set of marketing tools, you can grow your wholesale distribution business rapidly and effectively. Marketing has the unique power to drive sales during a slump and increase customer repurchase rates when approached correctly.   Skip… View More

How to Use Inventory Analytics to Grow Your Business

Given that inventory has a significant impact on your cash flow and profitability as a wholesale distributor, it’s imperative that you review inventory-related analytics to ensure you are on the right track.   Maintain too much inventory and you… View More

Why B2B Mobile Marketing Strategy Matters for Wholesale Distributors

Mobile is no longer the future, it has arrived and is here to stay. Today, we rely on our mobile devices more than ever and for a myriad of reasons. So much so that the number of smartphones is predicted to outpace the number of human beings by 2021, according to… View More

4 Critical Steps To Optimizing Your Order Management System

A happy customer is a returning customer. One of the ways that you can ensure your customers return again and again as a wholesale distributor is by automating order management through your order tracking… View More

Why Wholesalers Need an eCommerce Order Management System

An eCommerce order management system can automate the moving pieces of a wholesale business, streamlining processes such as ordering, inventory, shipping, customer service, and reporting into one convenient central location.   What Does… View More



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