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Online purchase

Anticipating the impulse to buy

It goes without saying that life is getting faster. But in online retail, the issue of speed and the time it takes for shoppers to make decisions is changing more than just the pace of life. It is actually getting difficult for retailers to present the shopper with an offer before they’ve… View More

Working on tablet

Your website is the beginning of a 360° relationship

Having recently finished delivering Systum’s new web site, I have been taking a few days just to catch my breath. It’s such a big and important job for any company that it isn’t unusual to rest a bit on our laurels when the job… View More

Store owner working on tablet

2018, 3 eCommerce trends to watch for

According to Statista,[1] in 2017 69% of Americans now shop online. Growing year over year by 9.3%, US eCommerce sales in 2017 amounted to $409 billion and by 2022 they’re expected to hit $609 billion. Worldwide eCommerce accounts for well over $1trillion in sales with China leading… View More


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