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4 Things a Mobile App Must Enable for SMBs

Many growing companies are lean for years before hiring the right leaders to head up customer service or sales. Instead, founders are often toiling 24/7 to build their company and want to be able to see how their business is doing from their mobile… View More

Instagram: The Gateway to New B2B Customers

You might think that Instagram influencers are only needed if you’re a lifestyle eCommerce brand; think again. There’s one compelling reason your business, eCommerce or not, should have a presence on Instagram and that is the number of daily, active… View More

7 Ways to Make Customers More Loyal with Efficient Returns

As an eCommerce store, returns are inevitable. Make it easy on your customers, and they’ll likely return to purchase from your store again and again. Make it difficult and not only will they not buy from you again, but they are also likely to give your store a lousy rating and… View More

Release 18-09: Reporting Enhancements Provide Analytics for Better Decision Making

Naturally, our customers know that one of the benefits of the Systum platform is its ability to unify teams and data. By creating a single source of truth, you remove doubt when it comes to data.   With the addition of the reporting… View More

10 Easy Ways to Move Your Offline Buyers to Your B2B Portal

It’s essential to make ordering easy for every kind of customer as a wholesale distributor. From the uber tech savvy to the Luddite that prefers to fax or email in their orders, the last thing you want to do is make buying a challenge for… View More

Amazon Launches Storefronts in Support of the SMB

In an attempt to cater to the independent creators launching small businesses online, Amazon created a new home for such… View More

Purchase Order Management: Why Automation is Business Critical

For companies of any size, automating the issuance and receipt of purchase orders can help your customers monitor expenses and provide clarity on the details of an order for both parties.   In essence, a purchase order (PO) is a formal… View More



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