Instagram: The Gateway to New B2B Customers


You might think that Instagram influencers are only needed if you’re a lifestyle eCommerce brand; think again. There’s one compelling reason your business, eCommerce or not, should have a presence on Instagram and that is the number of daily, active users.


If you’re a B2B business, like a wholesale distributor, you might be wondering why you should bother with Instagram or influencers. Instead, think about this way; consider the commonly recommended keyword strategy you have heard more than once: find keywords that aren’t typically occupied and go after those keywords.


This strategy, of going where the top dogs aren’t, has proven to work for many growing companies for good reason; those keywords are expensive and harbor too much competition. Although it sometimes makes sense to go after a limited number of those necessary keywords, it often proves fruitful to do the opposite.


Instead of going where every B2B company can usually be found, like the expected duo of LinkedIn and Twitter, why not apply the same philosophy used in the aforementioned keyword strategy to social media and use the unexpected: Instagram?  


Social media companies often tout their value in relation to the number of members on their platform, but what really matters is the number of active daily users. Why? You might have an incredibly high number of accounts or members, but a low, daily activity by those users.


Here’s a little chart to help you understand why daily, active users matter more than registered members or accounts. Do keep in mind that these gathered statistics aren’t all reported by the social media companies themselves, especially Twitter, and in some cases, gathered by third-party companies researching them.



While you may be thinking, why shouldn’t I create a Facebook page and work that massive audience? Facebook is where it all began. So, how many accounts are inactive (due to death, for example) or fake? No one really knows, but CNN reported that there might be 83 million fake profiles on Facebook.


The Cambridge Analytica scandal led to the dismantling of some of the strengths of the advertising platform, upsetting many companies with a page. Because some of the targeting capabilities were removed along with API access for third-party apps, the site’s appeal for advertisers has diminished recently.


Also, let’s not forget Facebook’s current reputation for not being the cool place to be. Some users deleted their accounts after learning about the CA scandal, and many younger users have stopped using it as indicated in the following Twitter post:

Now, if the older demographic is your customer base, Facebook may be the place to be after all. If you have to choose two social media to be active on as a B2B company, Instagram and Facebook might be a good combination. There’s certainly no harm here if you have the expertise and headcount to be active there.


Given everything to consider mentioned here, a unique, results-driven social media strategy for B2B companies might include:

  • A company profile on LinkedIn, but the best way to use this one is to train your salespeople to use the platform as a social selling tool; your company leadership should be active here too
  • The creation of a Facebook page and activated reviews; use a minimal approach here concerning the time you dedicate to it, and if your reviews are primarily positive, this can be little work and lots of value
  • A Twitter profile; use the site primarily to share scheduled content and listen for brand mentions or when a customer expresses a need for support
  • The creation of an Instagram profile; use relevant, industry hashtags to draw in new followers. You could also use IGTV to share video content about your company or products. Or use B2B Instagram influencers to help you spread the word


If you want to learn how our marketing team and customers have used Instagram to power up B2B sales, fill out the form below to schedule a time to chat.


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