How to Optimize Pick, Pack, and Ship in your Warehouse

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If you own a business with inventory, then you know how warehouse fulfillment works. When an order comes in, you need to pull a product from your inventory. It needs to be safely packaged for the customer and then shipped. This is known as pick, pack, and ship.


It seems like a simple process, but in today’s high-speed world, customers demand faster delivery. Improving your pick, pack, and ship process can be the difference between a successful business and one that loses money with every order.


Shipping and warehouse fulfillment errors can cost you money. We’ll look at a few strategies you can use to optimize pick, pack, and ship in your warehouse, and how warehouse inventory management software can help.


The Keys to Successful Pick, Pack, and Ship


While it may seem counter-intuitive, optimizing your pick, pack, and ship starts with information. Timely and accurate information is the fuel your warehouse team needs to optimize processes.


This is where an inventory management system can help. Paper-based processes and disconnected software systems like spreadsheets trap vital information. You can’t really use it.


You need a single platform that automates warehouse fulfillment processes and puts information in the hands of your team. It should automatically generate pick tickets with accurate information. It needs to be updated in real time. Your systems shouldn’t hold your warehouse fulfillment team back.


Optimizing Warehouse Fulfillment


With the right inventory and order management system in place, you’ll see almost immediate benefits:


1. Track Inventory Wirelessly


How many times has a product gone missing in your warehouse? When one order is delayed, other orders are delayed as well.


A system that can map a route to specific products – down to the shelf and bin number – can reduce delays. The more information you can provide warehouse staff, the faster they can fill orders. Cloud-based systems can deliver location information wirelessly, so staff can access the data they need at the push of a button.


2. Eliminate Paper-based Pick Tickets


An efficient digital system for the pick tickets can reduce errors and accelerate shipping and delivery. Automatically print shipping labels when an order is received – in one easy step. Let workers scan a barcode to enter data, rather than writing down numbers. Eliminate written errors and the need to re-enter data.


3. Batch Orders


With a business platform and artificial intelligence (AI), you can batch orders as you automatically process them. Reduce the time wasted walking back and forth in the warehouse. Get work done faster, saving you time and money.


Efficiency and Accuracy in Warehouse Fulfillment


Business has changed. Customers today expect more from a supplier or vendor. They expect orders faster. They demand accuracy and added value. If they can’t get that from you, then they will go to your competitor.


With the right business platform in place, you can turn pick, pack, and ship into a competitive advantage for your business.


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