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Reaching new customers gets harder as the online marketplace becomes more fragmented. One space where companies can still make an impact is in search engines like Google. SEO helps businesses get their pages in front of users looking for what they’re offering.


Where SEO Fits In:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) organically attract clients performing searches on various platforms. That differs from Search Engine Marketing (SEM), where you pay to display your business ads in user’s search results.

Organic search results earn 70% to 94% more clicks from users than paid ads. SEO optimization saves you money and improves your company’s ranking in search engines.


Improve Your Brand Awareness

Search engines target the habits of consumers, not businesses. Unless you’re a huge brand like Target or Adidas, you’ll need to do research to figure out the keyword patterns of users as they relate to what your company offers.


How Pages Get Noticed

The biggest factors used by search engines like Google to rank your page include:

  • The responsiveness of your site
  • Whether it’s designed to work on mobile devices
  • How easily bots can find information on your pages
  • The uniqueness of the content you provide
  • How many people link back to your site as a resource
  • The length of time people remain on your site

Your rankings improve over time based on the quality of your site and the relevance of the keywords you use. Don’t embed your pages with unrelated phrases to attract clicks. Google algorithms penalize sites that take shortcuts like these.


On-Page SEO

The best thing your business website can do is offer content that’s useful to visitors. Use the following on-page SEO tactics to gain the attention of search engines:

Relevant Keywords – The best content in the world is of no use if no one can find it during a search. Make sure the titles and body of your content contain the relevant phrases needed for discovery.

Page Title – Include your company branding phrases within the title whenever possible. If you’re going to include your company’s name, make sure it appears right after the keyword phrase.

Meta Description – The description displays when your results are brought back to the user. This helps them make a final decision on whether to click through to your site.

Quality Content – We can’t emphasize enough the importance of providing users with something that satisfies the reasons they visited your page. They’ll want to linger and explore, which helps improve your site’s reputation and overall ranking.


Off-Page SEO

If users find something useful on your site, they’ll share your information. This could be by linking back to your webpage or sharing the information on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This goes a long way towards expanding the reach of your company’s brand to other arenas. 

Another great thing companies can do is create videos on YouTube that expand on what their company does. Users can embed those videos on their own sites or send them out to others.


SEO Tips For Your Business

Here are some tips to keep in mind when implementing SEO in your web content.


The longer the better

Try to avoid using one or two-word keyword searches. 50% of the queries entered by users contain at least four words.


Adapt to mobile

People are more likely to use their mobile device for searches than computers. Make sure users can easily maneuver around your site regardless of how they access it.


Don’t be stingy

The more information you include in your content, the better your page will be ranked. Long-form content consistently ranks higher in quality than shorter articles.

As long as people use search engines to find information, SEO will remain an important part of digital marketing. Companies should take the time to learn about it and incorporate it into their overall business strategy.


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