Tips on using Facebook and Instagram for Digital Marketing


Businesses need an effective social selling strategy if they’re going attract attention in today’s marketplace. Facebook and Instagram provide a number of great promotional tools for companies looking to attract new business. Learn how to leverage Facebook and Instagram into your B2B e-commerce marketing strategy.


Facebook Marketing


Facebook offers you the opportunity to connect with 1.4 billion daily users. We’ll touch on the following tools they offer for business promotion:

  • Facebook Pages

  • Facebook Ads


Facebook Pages

Facebook lets you place your business into a category reflecting what your company offers to the marketplace. Start off by creating a professional-looking landing page that appeals to other business customers. Display the contact information for your company in a prominent place on the page.


Optimize your page by adding category tags that relate directly and indirectly to your company. This helps attract traffic from businesses interested in what you have to offer. Use the Insights feature to gather data on how visitors are consuming the information on your page. Incorporate pictures and images into your post updates to make them more visually appealing to visitors.


Facebook Ads

Facebook provides you with the Facebook Ads Manager to:

  • Create your own ads

  • Establish a budget on how much to spend on promotion

  • Target your ads towards specific audiences


Your ads should direct visitors to your company’s Facebook page, which in turn should encourage visitors from other companies to reach out for possible B2B collaborations.


Instagram Marketing


Instagram users share an average of 95 million photos and videos every day. This offers you an excellent opportunity to find and attract the attention of other e-commerce companies.

Use Instagram to create video stories about your company and its services. Take advantage of the extensive photo altering options to showcase your products to their best effect.


Other ways to market on Instagram:

  • Promote your posts and turn them into ads from any device

  • Attach links to ads with links to your company website

  • Establish a promotional budget for ad spends each month


This is just a glimpse of the possibilities offered by Facebook and Instagram. Take your company to new heights by incorporating both platforms into your e-commerce digital marketing campaign.


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