Inventory Management

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Inventory Planning Strategies That Support Business Growth


Without inventory planning as a wholesale distributor, you'll struggle to maintain healthy inventory levels, be profitable and satisfy customers. It can make or break your business if you can't get it right. In order to implement inventory planning, you'll need a number… View More

The Different Aspects of Demand Planning for Distributors


While there are several factors that affect the health of your supply chain, one of the most important is demand planning.   What is Demand Planning?   Demand planning, which includes the practice of sales forecasting, helps you to order the… View More

Warehouse Optimization Techniques For Distributors


Optimizing your warehouse is no easy feat. To do so, it requires a careful balance of people, processes and technology to make it happen. However, if you can master warehouse management, the benefits include a smooth-running operation and happy customers who receive their… View More

How Inventory Forecasting Methods Help Predict Future Demand


For any business that sells goods, inventory forecasting is a critical tool in your inventory management arsenal. However, it’s not only important for helping you manage stock levels, it’s also key for planning your warehouse layout since you’ll want to make it easy to… View More

How an Automated Inventory Management System Helps to Grow Your Business


Automating inventory management brings many benefits. It improves inventory management, customer satisfaction and your profitability, for example. However, the challenge lies in implementing it.   To help you understand why automated inventory… View More

How to Use Inventory Analytics to Grow Your Business


Given that inventory has a significant impact on your cash flow and profitability as a wholesale distributor, it’s imperative that you review inventory-related analytics to ensure you are on the right track.   Maintain too much inventory and you… View More

How Wholesale Distribution Software Can Grow Your Business


In today’s digital economy, it pays to use best-in-class software to help you grow your wholesale distribution business. Companies slow to adopt technology will struggle to obtain and retain customers, both leading drivers of growth. Companies that adopt technology will… View More

Dead Stock Inventory: How to Avoid This Business Cost


Even well-run wholesale distribution businesses can’t avoid dead stock. However, with the right inventory management tools and marketing campaigns, you can minimize dead stock, reducing the cost to your business annually.   Because dead inventory… View More

Excess Inventory: What To Do With It & How to Avoid It


No matter how successful you are at inventory management, at some point you’ll likely experience an excess of stock. Not only are there ways to prevent it, but there are several routes you can take to get rid of it.   In this post, we’ll… View More

Inventory Costing Methods For Wholesale Distributors


Inventory costing is an accounting-based strategy for assigning value to your inventory. This is important for wholesale distributors as inventory costing helps ensure that your business is and remains profitable.   By… View More



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