How to Drive Sales with B2B Distributor Marketing


With the right set of marketing tools, you can grow your wholesale distribution business rapidly and effectively. Marketing has the unique power to drive sales during a slump and increase customer repurchase rates when approached correctly.


Skip marketing efforts and you might just freefall into an unrecoverable place that drives you out of business. To help you grow a healthy wholesale distribution business, we’ll outline 6 marketing methods that will enable you to attract and retain customers in this post.


6 Distributor Marketing Methods


1. User-friendly B2B Portal

You might not think of your B2B portal as a marketing strategy, but it is the primary way your customers will interact with you and your brand. Therefore, your UX and UI design should be intuitive, making it easy for customers to search for products, self-serve their every need and purchase from you. Your portal should be easy to navigate and use visual cues to guide the user.

2. Website SEO

B2B SEO (Search Engine Optimization) supports your efforts to have your products and website appear organically in search results when a potential customer enters a keyword related to your product or company. SEO is one of the most powerful marketing tools to increase brand awareness and traffic to your website.

3. Create Content

When you create helpful articles and videos that address the pain points of your customer, you not only educate them but it also supports your SEO efforts. By using relevant keywords in your content, you signal to Google that you are an expert in that area, which increases your SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) placement.

4. Use Segmentation to Offer a Promotion

If B2B companies wait for customers to come to them, their lifespan will be short. Today’s B2B companies need to be able to track buyer behavior and activity on their website. A robust B2B eCommerce platform will enable behavioral-based segmentation and the ability to use email to make prospects and customers aware of current promotions and deals.

5. PPC (Pay Per Click) Advertising

If you aren’t familiar with PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising, think of it as the opposite of SEO. It is paid advertising that drives customers to your website. PPC advertisements are most commonly seen in Google search results as either text links or as images. Either way, this method is a great, quick way to drive traffic to your site. Keep in mind that PPC doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the sale—that’s where your UX and UI work for you by making it easy for guests to navigate your website.

6. Mobile Marketing

Last but not least, it’s critical that your website either renders on mobile or you enable buyers to shop via your own mobile application. Because more and more buyers are searching for products on mobile devices more than ever before, having a mobile marketing strategy is a must-have for B2B wholesale distributors today.


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