Artful Playdate Founder Shakes Up the Toy Industry by Switching to Systum


Founded by Letitia Fox and headquartered in California, Artful Playdate provides technology-free fun for children ages three to eight with an imaginative toy box for two that’s delivered to your home. Their flagship product, ‘Playdate in a Box,’ is designed to inspire children to embrace their creative side, with the help of costumes and a secret scroll. Instead of relying on technology-based forms of entertainment, Fox aims to inspire kids to play and interact face-to-face through the Artful Playdate brand.



The Challenges


Fox had a custom-built website that required a developer to update, which was cost-prohibitive and slow when it came to updating the Artful Playdate website. She knew that wasn’t a scalable process as her product line grew. She needed a website and CMS that allowed her to make updates on her own as she needed them.


The company’s inventory management, sales and customer data were being managed, primarily by Fox, through manual processes and spreadsheets, which was becoming too cumbersome to manage all on her own.


In addition, Fox found herself in front of a ready-to-buy customer at an event, unable to process an order on the spot. She knew that she needed a solution to help her bring basic business functions in the cloud, so that she could focus on growing the business, not managing multiple solutions that do half the job.


The Solution


The first solution that Systum provided was an easy-to-manage CMS (Content Management System). The team at Systum helped her transition her site to Systum, which makes it easy for her to perform her own product updates to the site, instead of paying a developer to do so.


She also had her operational woes solved through Systum’s integrated inventory management and CRM, which centralizes all customer data. This eliminated the many spreadsheets and manual processes that were in place. She also always has access to real-time inventory numbers no matter where she is.


Finally, Systum’s POS (Point Of Sale) mobile application allows Fox to check inventory and process customer orders with her iPad, whether she’s at a trade show or visiting with a new retail distributor. With the help of the mobile app, customer data and orders are captured and quickly pushed to the team that needs to fulfill them.


Fox said that because Systum helps her easily manage operational and sales tasks from anywhere, she’s freed up to focus on growing the business. As a founder that’s looking to change how children play, Fox now has time to think creatively about new products and capture customer feedback, something she loves to do.


"When you run your business, it can add up, paying for inventory software, paying for a CRM...its mind blowing. It is amazing what they offer for the price they’re offering it. I would recommend Systum anyone in the toy industry.” - Letitia Fox



  • Website CMS makes it easy to add new products to the Artful Playdate site

  • Inventory management software ensures she always has real-time data

  • POS Systum mobile application allows Fox to process orders from anywhere she has her iPad and internet access


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