August 2019

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The Different Types of Purchase Orders You Need to Know


Made as a request from a buyer to a seller, a PO (Purchase Order) details what goods or services are being purchased. Buyers send purchase orders to the seller as an intent to make a purchase in the near future. Additional details included are the price of items, expected delivery… View More

How to Improve Your Warehouse Shipping Process


With an exceptional shipping process and warehouse management system come happy customers. If a scheduled shipment never leaves your warehouse or it is delayed due to a weakness in your process, you can quickly lose customers to a competitor. In addition, a strong warehouse shipping… View More

Different Types of Warehouses


When you're storing goods, you might think it's as simple as building or renting a warehouse. But, the type of storage space you select can have an impact on your ability to fulfill orders on time, every time and satisfy customers. This is why it's critical that you spend some time giving… View More

Distribution Center vs. Warehouse: What's the Difference?


While you might think a warehouse and distribution center are one in the same, they are, in fact, different.   Looking from the outside in, you might not be able to tell the difference, but once you step inside, you'll see they aim to meet different goals and are… View More

The Different Aspects of Demand Planning for Distributors


While there are several factors that affect the health of your supply chain, one of the most important is demand planning.   What is Demand Planning?   Demand planning, which includes the practice of sales forecasting, helps you to order the… View More

Warehouse Optimization Techniques For Distributors


Optimizing your warehouse is no easy feat. To do so, it requires a careful balance of people, processes and technology to make it happen. However, if you can master warehouse management, the benefits include a smooth-running operation and happy customers who receive their… View More



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