July 2018

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New Research Shows the Risks and Rewards for eCommerce Companies and Consumers


As new technologies help the human race make great advances in healthcare, transportation and commerce, there’s a new set of risks that come with the rewards.   Online shopping, for example, opens up a whole new world of products that are… View More

10 Easy Ways for B2B Companies to Repurpose Content


  Take a listicle blog post and turn it into an infographic. A listicle is a type of blog post that is very common today, and what you’re reading now. For example,… View More

Best Practices to Transform Your B2B eCommerce Business


Whether you’re in the planning stages of launching a B2B eCommerce website or you’re looking to rehaul the one you have, the adage “knowledge is power” comes to mind.   You’ll want to start by gathering data on the industry you plan on… View More

Did Amazon Prime Day Live Up to the Hype?


  When Amazon, the world’s largest eCommerce company, experienced a technical hiccup during its massive annual 36-hour sale this week, one might wonder if the eCommerce apocalypse is upon us. Amazon historically does not fail. However, this year, it… View More

Going Digital: A Guide for B2B eCommerce Companies


View More

Why Toys “R” Us’ Departure Will Shake Up the Toy Market


It’s been pretty hard to avoid on social media or on sites covering the latest retail news. There’s usually a grandiose shot of an empty Toys “R” Us parking lot that includes a young child in tears or heaving with angst, which is the resulting aftermath of parents giving their… View More

5 Last-Minute Ways Sellers Can Capitalize on Amazon Prime Day


  Although Amazon Prime Day is just days away, there’s still time to capitalize on the annual event if you’re already an approved Amazon seller or FBA… View More

What does the Supreme Court Sales Tax Ruling Mean for eCommerce Businesses?


With last month’s Supreme Court landmark ruling on South Dakota vs. Wayfair, there are new tax implications for online businesses transacting with consumers or B2B buyers in states even if they have no physical presence.   This new ruling by SCOTUS… View More

Systum Features in Release 18-07


Systum, a provider of a cloud-based, digital operating platform for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), today announced multiple new features that help B2B and B2C online retailers deliver an exceptional customer experience.   Advanced Returns… View More

A Primer on IGTV for B2C eCommerce Brands


  For eCommerce brands, keeping up with social media trends and tools is a never-ending job. New to the lineup as of June 20th is IGTV, otherwise known as Instagram TV, which allows content creators and brands to post 15-second to 60-minute… View More



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