Amazon Launches Storefronts in Support of the SMB


In an attempt to cater to the independent creators launching small businesses online, Amazon created a new home for such companies—Storefronts.



Launched earlier this week, Amazon’s Storefronts is focused on highlighting 20,000 small businesses that are selling over 1 million products. Click on a shop within a curated category, and you’ll see several shops featured, with each including a brief Q & A with the owner detailing the company’s start.



On the main Storefronts page, however, one lucky business is featured in an Amazon-led marketing campaign each week, where you’ll be able to watch a video about the company and shop their products. This week’s business, The Little Flower Soap Company, is featured for their small-batch, unique soaps and goods.



While each unique Storefront doesn’t link to each company’s actual website where they also may offer those products for sale, this is likely Amazon’s effort to help small businesses gain new brand fans while also riding the current consumer wave of demand for products made in small batches by real artists and makers.


While it appears that you have to be hand-picked to be featured, the good news is that if you’re already an Amazon merchant and you happen to have a unique product and story, you might make the cut.


The additional good news is that Systum can help you launch products in the Amazon marketplace simply by linking your Amazon account within our platform. Add new products to your Systum instance and add them to multiple marketplaces, like Amazon and eBay, in just a few clicks.


If you’d like a demo on how we can help, fill out the form below.



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