A Look to the Future of Systum


With a full year of ongoing product development behind us, we are excited for the year ahead.


Because the product is more stabilized than ever, we plan to release key features and enhancements every six weeks versus every four in order to minimize the disruption to you.


This slowed release schedule is a celebration of our hard work combined with your ongoing feedback in where improvements need to made. We appreciate your candor and support in helping us make our product the best that it can be for all our customers.


Now, let’s briefly look back at some of the most important features of the year as well ahead for what’s to come in Q1.


Systum: A Brief Look Back


This year, our biggest and most groundbreaking features and enhancements were focused on strengthening sales and operations for wholesale distributors.


In particular, we’ve made grid order management easier than ever for your customers and improved the customization you can make to your B2B sales portal. With the help of automations, your back-office and warehouse productivity were improved by moving paper processes to the cloud. These automations and processes improve the speed of business and employee productivity, and remove the chance for human error.


Whether you have 10 or 1,000 employees helping you grow your business, your ability to modernize every process makes you look larger than life to your growing customer base.


Planned Features and Enhancements for Q1 2019


We know at the end of the day, it’s not only about improving your operations but your customer experience. As a result, you’ll see features that support the ever-tricky back order. Automations in this area will help to get a product out the door quickly once it’s received in your warehouse and satisfy a customer need to know when it ships.


You’ll also see improvement around being able to share delivery dates with customers who need to closely track the delivery of a business-critical order made through your online eCommerce store. As you know, this is a service that’s expected today by B2B and B2C customers.


We’re excited about the future and how these features and enhancements improve your speed of business and customer experience. If you have feedback or suggestions for our product development team, reach out to us here.


If you’d like to learn how Systum can help you run your wholesale, distribution or digital commerce business, fill out the form below. Switch to Systum and optimize your operations, unify data and better serve every customer from one dashboard.


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