6 Design Tips to Increase Your eCommerce Conversions


No matter how innovative or trendy your latest product is, without a well-designed website and UX (User Experience), your chance of capturing your market share decreases dramatically.


In fact, you have only seconds to grab your viewer’s attention online. If you’re able to keep them for more than a few seconds, your website must make it easy for your guests to find the product or brands they are looking for on their visit.


With Amazon leading the way, customers today expect a smooth shopping experience, which should include a detailed product description, image and customer reviews, at a minimum.


Customers expect their favorite brands to help them find what they’re looking for in minutes. Today’s best eCommerce stores make it incredibly easy to find the brand, size or color of the product they’re shopping for online in seconds.


Let’s get started.


1. Use hero images or a scrolling banner to highlight new products or discounts.

Here, Adidas uses a scrolling banner to highlight new collections and products. A clear CTA (Call To Action) that reads “shop the collection” offers the viewer a chance to click right through to the online shop with only items from that collection. It’s a great way to alert your regularly returning customers to what’s new.


2. Use Visual Cues to Alert Shoppers Which Products Are New

Zappos uses a unique identifier, as seen above, in the form of a blue tag that shows the viewer which products are new. This is one way to make it easy for returning shoppers to see what’s recently been added to your website.


3. Use only high-quality product images, preferably with 360-degree views.

The above example from Urban Outfitters goes above and beyond the single product image because it shows the consumer how the product looks at multiple different angles. If you can’t afford to hire models and a studio photographer, you can photograph the product, as seen on the far left, but in multiple views to give the consumer that 360-degree experience without being in the store.  


Since Amazon has set the standard for eCommerce shopping, you could easily adopt their standards as listed above in the help section of Amazon Seller Central found here. If your customers can’t view or zoom in on your products, they are likely to leave and find a site where they can. Worse yet, they’ll head to a brick and mortar store to check them out, find them on sale and buy them there instead.


4. Show product ratings or reviews in the product view.

Adidas nails it here for two reasons. One, the number of ratings is shown here, which is a rather large number. Second, you can see the average right underneath the product. So, this tells me that this is a top selling item and for one reason or another, everyone seems to love it. Once you click through to the product page, you can read even more detail, as seen on the right. Reviews allow your customers to provide feedback, which allows other potential buyers to learn more about sizing issues or general claims made by brands or manufacturers.

5. Aggregate what’s trending and show it to your website visitors.

Run a report to find your best-selling SKUs and use graphic elements to showcase what’s trending with your customer base. Those who are into buying the latest trends in fashion and footwear, in particular, love to see what everyone else is buying. Urban Outfitters appears to integrate top-selling items with user-generated content from their Instagram, which makes their brand fans feel great and likely checking your website regularly to see if their own content has been shared.


6. Make sure everything on your site renders and works perfectly on mobile.


Make sure your eCommerce site works on any mobile device. While the majority of eCommerce transactions still take place on desktops, customers often begin their search on mobile, so it’s important your site renders perfectly on a wide range of devices. Make sure the entire process is smooth by having someone test purchase a product either in your app or your mobile-ready site as well to ensure you don’t lose any sales there either.



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