4 Easy Ways Personalization Can Improve Sales Readiness


Think back to the last work holiday party you attended or any social gathering for that matter. Let’s say you run into someone you met later in the evening or when you’re grabbing lunch at your favorite local cafe.


If they remember your name, you’re more likely to engage in conversation with them.


Heck, you might even agree to meet them for lunch in the coming week. This is exactly what digital personalization feels like in the real world. Undoubtedly, you’re less likely to listen if they didn’t remember your name or details about you.


That, my friends, is what all salespeople are seeking; every salesperson wants their prospect or customer to have an existing level of readiness, or willingness to listen to what it is they’re pitching you. That hurdle alone can give a salesperson a nightly case of “imposter syndrome.”


By using personalization in sales or marketing-led emails, your salespeople will find that prospects are more willing to engage and listen when your tailor your communications to address their needs and wants.


So, let’s dive into some different ways you can use personalization to increase the level of readiness they have to buy from you.



1. Use a prospect’s name at the beginning of your follow-up emails. Always address your prospect by first name. If you know their nickname, that’s even better—use that! It shows you were paying attention on your last call with them. Recent studies indicate that text-based emails are more effective than busy HTML emails that use images as links instead. Is a text-based or HTML more effective for email? You decide.



2. Include a detail about one of their pain points in your follow-up demo email. Review your notes from your initial call with your prospect and in order to increase the likelihood of a response from them, mention one of their pain points and how the solution you’re selling helps them solve that problem. Don’t go straight to “I have the solution you need!”



3. Tailoring content and emailing it to your prospects is a manual form of personalization. In other words, let’s say you came across a great piece of content that addresses your customer’s pain points. It can be from your own content marketing team or a competitor’s. It really doesn't matter. The point is that you listened to them and you kept them in mind when you had some good information to share.



4. Let your prospects or customers know when there’s a deal on a product they’ve been interested in. This method makes your customers feel that you’re not just all about the deal and that you have them in mind when relevant deals come up. This instills trust and the likelihood that they’ll purchase from you again and again.


Give some of the aforementioned tactics a try and see if the results are any different (if you haven’t been using personalization). You might end up feeling like this instead!



If you want to learn how you can put personalization to work for you in the Systum platform, fill out the form below. We’ll walk you through how we use to speed up the sales readiness process!


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