19-07 Release: Enhanced Purchase Orders and Reporting


In this release, we’ve improved the sales and purchase order view, making it easier to sort through and filter the data you need.


The new reporting view makes it easy for you to get the data you need to analyze your business. Now, you can choose from dozens of views. Additionally, you can now save your customized reports and export that data for further analysis, if needed.


Now, you can sort by these fields and more:


  • Channel type: direct sales, B2B portal, etc…
  • Customer name
  • Status
  • Sales rep
  • Date created
  • Promotion
  • Payment status


For example, if you’d like to see your best performing channel or sales representative, you can sort by that column to view that data.


In addition to that update, we’ve also enabled the use of automated emails. Now, you can use triggers to send an email that thanks your customer for their order. This improves communication with your customers, enhancing the overall customer experience.


If you’d like a demo of the new features and reports, fill out the form below.


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