10 Easy Ways to Move Your Offline Buyers to Your B2B Portal


It’s essential to make ordering easy for every kind of customer as a wholesale distributor. From the uber tech savvy to the Luddite that prefers to fax or email in their orders, the last thing you want to do is make buying a challenge for anyone.


But, you’ve invested heavily in technology to make the B2B buying experience as smooth as the consumer one. So, it certainly does not harm lending an olive branch of support to those buyers who need some encouragement to take their buying online.


So, in this post, we’ll outline 10 easy ways to bring your loyal, long-term customers online.


  1. Have a customer support rep reach out via email or phone to offer training on how to setup their account and order via your B2B portal. Offer to help them place their first order and walk them through the process.
  2. Send an email to your customers that still order offline and invite them to attend a live online demo of your portal. This will also help you learn who is interested, but perhaps on the fence, about ordering online. You may have email recipients that opened the email or registered and didn’t attend. Stay on these folks as there’s a better chance of moving them online if they’ve already expressed interest indirectly in the idea.
  3. Offer a discount for a limited time on orders placed through your B2B portal. Or you could offer free shipping for the first week or month after they create their account in your portal. There’s nothing like free money to motivate buyers to try it out!
  4. Educate them on the benefits of online ordering and email your offline customers a case study that details how the experience was for another customer.  There’s no better proof than allowing your customers to do the bragging for you.
  5. Add a voice prompt to your customer support line that reminds your customers that everything can now be done online.
  6. Write a how-to blog post about the benefits of using your online portal and include GIFs that demonstrate how to set up their account or track the delivery of an order.
  7. Place an ordering FAQ on your website, but require customers to login and create an account in order to read it. This will push users towards the idea of it.
  8. Make customer support requests available within their portal account. Let them know that they can track the request or query within it instead of having to call in or email a rep for an update.
  9. Make it easy and simple to sign up for an account in your portal. Send them a welcome email with resources on how to get started and where to go, like the FAQ, for help.
  10. If salespeople are out in the field visiting with customers or at a trade show, offer to help them set up their account. Mention the ease of use, training resources, the introductory discount and that you’ll help them do it on the spot.


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