10 Easy Ways for B2B Companies to Repurpose Content



  1. Take a listicle blog post and turn it into an infographic. A listicle is a type of blog post that is very common today, and what you’re reading now. For example, here’s the infographic we created out of this blog post. You will need a few things to create your infographic: a graphic designer and a copywriter to edit the copy to be more concise. An infographic, after all, should be heavier on visual elements than copy.
  2. Create a pillar-based blog post, add an introduction, graphics and turn it into an eBook or a PDF. A pillar-based blog post inherently includes an overarching topic and supporting articles, much like a book with a title and chapters.

  3. After you’ve held a webinar on a topic relevant to your core audience, record it and make it available on demand on your website. After you’ve shared the replay with attendees and no-shows, either embed the video for replay or post to your YouTube channel. Make sure to include a brief description of the webinar.

  4. Take the same presentation from a webinar or a sales presentation and share it on SlideShare. Many professionals turn to SlideShare for content inspiration. According to SlideShare, there are more than “over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories and it is today one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world.”

  5. Take an existing podcast recording, such as a Q&A with a guest, and turn it into a blog post. If you are producing podcasts or have participated in one, have the audio transcribed, copyedited and turn it into a blog post. If you don’t have time to listen to the audio recording and take notes yourself, there are many affordable transcription freelancers or companies today willing to help.

  6. Take all the blog posts you wrote in a week or month and send as a monthly newsletter to your prospects. Essentially, your newsletter should be sent to opt-in prospects and customers. Highlight your best posts and tease them brief headlines and click-through links to drive traffic to your blog and website.

  7. Find someone with personality and confidence to go on camera and highlight some key points and share as a video on IGTV.

  8. Reshare old blog posts to social media by changing the messaging/copy in the post. Simply give your social media copy and hashtags a refresh, and you’re new copy and hashtags might be more successful the second time around.

  9. Ask your executive team and salespeople to share company content in relevant groups on social media. Such niche audiences are often hungry for industry-related content.

  10. Give your blog posts a refresh and publish on LinkedIn or Medium, both of which are great audiences for B2B companies. Be sure to share content on Twitter as that’s also a proven medium for B2B content sharing.



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