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One More Key to Success: The Growth Mindset

What SMBs Can Learn From eBay and ServiceNow When we think about the keys to SMB success, we often focus on processes, financial metrics, and customer satisfaction scores. Things that we can see, touch and measure. All are important, but there's an additional key to… View More

Amazon Private Label in B2B eCommerce

Does your eCommerce platform offer the best possible customer experience? Is it integrated into your customer data so that you can analyze… View More

B2B Buyers Like to Purchase Online

While the conversation about online purchases seems like old news, there are some new figures that deserve our attention. Digital Commerce 360 recently published an article by Mark Broham that highlights some of the major… View More

The Currency of Supply Chain is Data

The title of this article written by Kassidy Bird hits the nail on the head. Data IS the new currency. In order to compete in B2B eCommerce, companies need to be able to track customer behavior in real-time and use that information to forecast future demand and inventory levels. It's that kind… View More

How to Improve Customer Repurchase Rates

If you experience a high volume of repeat customer business as a result of your exceptional customer service or cool products, whether you’re a wholesale distributor or a lifestyle eCommerce brand, you’ve conquered an important battle as an online… View More

Inventory Planning Strategies That Support Business Growth

Without inventory planning as a wholesale distributor, you'll struggle to maintain healthy inventory levels, be profitable and satisfy customers. It can make or break your business if you can't get it right. In order to implement inventory planning, you'll need a number… View More

The Different Types of Purchase Orders You Need to Know

Made as a request from a buyer to a seller, a PO (Purchase Order) details what goods or services are being purchased. Buyers send purchase orders to the seller as an intent to make a purchase in the near future. Additional details included are the price of items, expected delivery… View More



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