Everything you need

Systum includes all the functionality your business needs: marketing and sales, e-commerce, inventory and order management and business intelligence and analytics. You input the information in using simple templates and forms and your business comes alive before your eyes.

Write once, see everywhere

Fill in your inventory and your web catalog is already populated. Sell something on one online channel and, not only is your inventory already updated, all your other channels are updated too, including your bricks and mortar point(s) of sale.

Take advantage of best practices

Systum is built with years of experience in the wholesale distribution space. Just by implementing its various modules, you are setting up your business for growth. By starting on the right foot, you can avoid the complexities and pitfalls that often plague growing businesses.

Understand what’s working

Repeatable success is hard to achieve if you don’t understand why customers are buying. Systum gives you dashboards to track everything from your bulk email campaign, to leads, conversions and final invoice. You see immediately what isn’t working — and what is.

Delighting your customer starts with knowing them

Systum is based on a 360° view of your customer. Every social media interaction, transaction, support call, like and dislike is recorded and available to you. Send them a custom coupon, invite them to an event, let them know about a promotion or keep them up to date on their favorite brand. Know what they like and give them more.

End-to-end visibility, even as you grow

When your business is small, visibility isn’t an issue. But as you grow, it often gets harder. Not with Systum. No matter how far you grow, or how fast, Systum will keep it simple to understand your business. From quick dashboards on your mobile phone, to in-depth analyses of sales trends at your desk, you will always be in control.

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