Best E-commerce Platform

When Choosing the Best E-commerce Platform, Choose Systum

Systum is the best e-commerce platform for your small to medium business. Unlike other e-commerce platforms that are merely an online storefront, Systum offers data integration that has before now only been available to enterprise-grade corporations.

Systum is your partner in retail and your partner in business.

The best e-commerce platform is a software application central to customer satisfaction on the front end, but should also manage backend operations like marketing, inventory, and even business intelligence. Choosing the right multi channel ecommerce platform is a crucial first step in establishing an online shop presence.

Systum is the answer.

Instead of cobbling together disparate software solutions for all of your business needs, Systum integrates all front and back end systems into a single platform for small businesses. We will replace all of your existing software, reduce costs, and deliver data in real time packaged in a way that makes it accessible and easy to use. You will finally have the 360-degree view into your business and your customers to begin to grow.

If you want the best e-commerce platform on the market, you want a platform that incorporates all aspects of your business from inventory and order management to marketing and lead generation to invoicing and billing. Systum does all of this and more. All the information you need is at your fingertips and updated in real time.

Imagine: no more data silos. No more “what ifs”. No more coverting data into Excel spreadsheets and out again. No more wasted time and duplicated efforts. Synchronized data is key. Systum organizes your data to allow you to see a bird’s eye view or do a deep dive into the details. Whether you want to see your inventory forecasts for the next six months or the profit margins on a specific SKU, it is all available to you.

We like to call this type of data manipulation a 360-degree view. With our integrated system, your data combines in different ways to form pictures of your business. Your customer. Your inventory. Your marketing goals.

For example, Systum keeps a record of every moment that your brand touches a customer from that first moment of excited discovery right through to their return to your brand to purchase again. All of these moments are catalogued and available to you. This data is powerful. This data can be the bedrock on which you build a true relationship with your customers.

As a small business, that is one of the true advantages you have over global corporations. Massive companies can only offer the illusion of human relationships while you can do better. You can meet your customers on their level, interact with them, and create bonds and trust.

This is all possible through Systum.

Integrated data is the key. An all-in-one solution is the only way to have your data available in real time all the time. Regardless of what you sell, every business is generally structured the same and has the same needs. Marketing. Sales. Customer service. Inventory. Order management. Instead of reinveinting the wheel and trying to build a functional system out of different software solutions, choose Systum. Systum is built to handle everything your business needs all in one place.

It’s our mission to bring you the best e-commerce platform that is more than just an online storefront. Systum is a partner, enabler, and support of your business goals. To that end, we’ve built a suite of e-commerce features, including:

  • Distribution and e-commerce platform. At it’s core, Systum is an e-commerce platform that makes it easy to create and post product listings, offer accurate inventory tallies, migrate data, and keep your online shop in top shape.
  • Marketing and sales. From AdSense integration to optimization for SEO/SEM, Systum makes it easy to keep track of your ROI so you know what’s working and what’s not. Consider it marketing demystified.
  • Inventory and order management. From automated reordering to inventory forecasts, Systum is built to streamline the process to ensuring a healthy supply line for your customers. Meanwhile, you can track revenue, costs, and profitability from a single dashboard.
  • Invoicing and billing. Creating invoices, bills, and quotes has never been easier.
  • Analytics and business intelligence. Systum shines in offering your data in actionable, usable ways. Data is updated in real time and gives you the ability to put your finger right on the pulse of your business. Be confident that you’re making the right decisions for the future.
  • Customer service and CRM integration. Offer outstanding customer service that keeps customers coming back again with the transparency that Systum offers. It tracks every interaction with a customer and allows you to view their entire lifecycle.