B2C Ecommerce Store

Build Your B2C Ecommerce Store on the Systum Platform

Even though it seems everyone has a B2C ecommerce store today to sell their products online, not all of these solutions are created equally.  Systum’s B2C ecommerce store is fully integrated into our single platform solution.  There is no need to have to input data repetitively or try and clumsily import/export information between multiple software applications that are not compatable.  Systum provides enterprise-class resources to make it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to launch a B2C ecommerce store.

Fast Launch

Launching a new B2C ecommerce store does not have to be a complicated, laborious task that consumes your entire team.  As a small business, your employees are probably used to wearing a number of hats, but having to learn new technical skills can keep them from focusing on your primary mission.  Systum’s fully integrated platform and team of experts can help you be up and running in days as opposed to weeks or months. 

Inventory Integration

Since your B2C ecommerce store is also a part of the same platform as you inventory management system, data is always updated in real-time within your entire ecosystem so your customers only see the products you have in each and every variant and your staff can be proactive to keep a smooth flow of products from your suppliers.  Advanced tools even know  to only display drop shipped products when they are available from vendors. 

Marketing Metrics

Small businesses need to make every marketing dollar provide the strongest ROI possible.  Built-in tools make it easy to track the progress of marketing campaigns and see what is resonating with your customers.  Utilize A/B testing techniques and other tweaks to maximize conversion rates.  Your B2C ecommerce store will increase the velocity of sales and increase profits by leveraging Systum’s complete solution.

Money Matters

With a built-in shopping cart and integrated payment options, Systum’s B2C ecommerce store makes check-out easy and reduces shopping cart abandonment.  Invoicing and billing are all generated directly from the platform and provide all the reporting for your sales, accounting and executive teams.  Keep cash flow moving so you can make the most of your ability to re-stock more inventory for more sales!

CRM Connected

Many B2C ecommerce stores do not have enterprise-class CRM capabilities.  Systum’s CRM functions are connected to every department so your team can provide world-class customer service at every touch point.  Coupled with integrated email marketing functionality, Systum CRM allows you to organize your customer base around an infinite number of variables and target them with specific campaigns built just for them.

Powerful Analytics and BI

Information is power in the fast moving digital world where small businesses must compete with industry giants to reach customers on a global scale.  Role-based dashboards give you the flexibility to let your team see the data that will help them achieve their mission.  As a business owner you will be able to take a high-level view to help you make big-picture decisions while being able to drill down to a granular level and fine-tune every aspect of your B2C ecommerce store.

Systum’s B2C ecommerce store solution is just one component of a complete system designed to simplify your business operations and management while leveraging the most powerful ecommerce tools available all in one place.