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B2C e-commerce is continuing to grow as more consumers turn to shopping online to make convenient, fast purchases. Choosing a B2C e-commerce solution that supports your business from beginning to end is the first step toward success in a competitive marketplace. 

B2C e-commerce websites need to look professional and trustworthy. With so much competition within the B2C marketplace, it’s important for your website to stand out – it needs to be well branded, offer a smooth user experience, and provide levels of trust and security so that your customers will click that final ‘Buy’ button. 

B2C retailers need to bring as much traffic to their websites as possible to counter the relatively low conversion rates and high bounce rates. Data analytics tools can help retailers to learn customer patterns and expectations to design a website that entices and coverts. 

What that means is that in today’s world, retailers need B2C e-commerce solutions that provide support for every aspect of the business. From a marketing perspective, it is important to have a platform that supports personalization to achieve the proper branding for your company as well as different sales funnels to lead customers on unique purchase paths. From a sales perspective, an B2C e-commerce solution should reduce the amount of work that sales people need to do to make sales and offer your front-facing representatives that ability to resolve disputes and provide value easy and available. Finally, from a profit perspective, a B2C e-commerce website should provide a high return on investment by increasing the speed to market, offering additional functionality, and even providing business intelligence and data analytics services.

Consider Systum.

Systum is a B2C e-commerce solution built for small to medium sized retailers. Our API’s integrate with best of breed tools like finance and accounting packages, bulk email services, point-of-sale solutions, and major online sales platforms like eBay and Amazon. There’s no longer any need to force a comprehensive solution with half a dozen different softwares. Instead, Systum offers a single solution that supports every aspect of your business on the front and back ends. 

Systum is fast to customize and deploy so that you can get to market faster and see a return on your investment faster. Our pre-designed templates are responsive and easy to use to create a professional website that your customers will instinctively trust.

But Systum isn’t just an e-commerce website builder. Systum offers business intelligence and data analytics on par with expensive software that’s cost prohibitive to small and medium-sized businesses. Systum offers your data in real time in filtered, targeted ways that makes your data actionable. Systum offers a 360-degree unobstructed view of your business. 

Systum is built in the cloud so that you have access to your business virtually everywhere you are. Being built in the cloud also means that Systum is offered in a pay-as-you-grow subscription basis. You only pay for what you need and not what you don’t. The engineers behind Systum were interested in developing a product that has no high cost to jump over. Systum is a low investment, low risk B2C e-commerce solution. Simply choose the plan that works best for your company and your needs.

Systum offers a suite of features for its customers seeking a B2C e-commerce solution, including: 

  • Distribution and e-commerce platform. With Systum, it is easy to create a professional, trustworthy B2C e-commerce storefront in a matter of days or weeks. Keep your customers coming back again and again with a smoother use experience.
  • Marketing and sales. Actually see the ROI of your marketing campaigns with the targeted data filtered into Systum’s marketing tab. You can see what works and what doesn’t with a single click.
  • Inventory and order management. Automatic reordering makes it easy to keep your inventory lines full and customers happy. You can track revenue, costs, and profits from one table. 
  • Invoicing and billing. No matter how your customers pay you, it’s easy to create bills, quotes, and invoices.
  • Analytics and business intelligence. Get full access to your business with Systum’sdata analytics and business intelligence. Not all B2C e-commerce solutions offer the same high-level intelligence offered by Systum.
  • Customer service and CRM integration. Without customers, no one would have a business so it’s important to keep your customers happy. It’s easy to do that when you can see the full lifecycle of a customer. Easily resolve disputes, answer questions, and take suggestions. 

Systum is a B2C e-commerce solution that offers more than just an online storefront. 

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