B2B Ecommerce Store

Launch Your B2B Ecommerce Store on Systum

B2B ecommerce transactions are expected to top $12 trillion by 2020, giving online merchants plenty of reason to make sure they are able to compete for their fair share of this massive marketplace.  Systum’s single platform solution provides organizations with robust B2B ecommerce store capabilities.  Here are some considerations every company should consider as they configure a B2B ecommerce store:

Professional Grade

The buyers utilizing a B2B ecommerce store are typically procurement professionals who are on a very specific mission.  This varies greatly from the customer journey your B2C shoppers are looking to have as they more casually shop online marketplaces for consumer goods.  The products your company provides are mission-critical to their success.  Everything about your site should reflect this more professional climate.

Eliminate friction

Navigating on your B2B ecommerce store should be simple and intuitive.  Provide easy access to all the technical specifications need for them to compare products and make sure they get exactly what they need the first time.  B2B prospects out convert B2C almost 3 to 1.  When they identify a product that matches their need they pull the trigger quickly.  Make things simple for these busy professionals to find the critical data about your product, complete the transaction and move on to the next task in their busy work day.

Customized Pricing/Terms

Sometimes customers are buying hundreds if not thousands of items per order.  At $491, the average order value of a B2B transaction is over 3x that of a B2C transaction.  Within a customer base there can also be a large variance in how much each customer buys from your B2B ecommerce store.  Every customer should have their own pricing, payment terms, discounts, and shipping/return policies.  Systum allows you to customize the experience for every customer while maintain privacy for everyone.

Multi-user Accounts

Many of your B2B customers will have several people involved in the procurement process.  Systum allows multiple users sign into the same account in your B2B ecommerce store.  Not every user needs to see your entire line of products and pricing.  Capabilities allowing different levels of permissions and buying levels further customize the user experience.

Easy Re-orders

This article started by talking about how to make it easy for new customers to complete transactions on your B2B ecommerce store.  Now that you converted them, make it even easier for them to complete reorders.  Systum allows you to provide them with their complete order history and revise previous orders to meet their current needs.  The easier you make this part of the process the less likely they are to go shop your competition.  Everything is not always just about the price.

These are some of the specific features for a B2B ecommerce store that are important to many of your potentially most valuable B2B customers.  Some companies sell to both the B2B and B2C markets.  Systum allows you meet each category of customer’s unique customer experience expectations while seamlessly integrating everything into a single platform.