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Systum Offers the Best B2B E-Commerce Software

The B2B e-commerce industry is already four times bigger than the B2C market and growing quickly. Within a few years, the B2B market will likely reach $1 trillion in value. Choosing the right B2B ecommerce software will help to guarantee that your business stands out among the pack. 

An online shop for a B2B company is often very similar to a B2C company including the shop interface, user experience, as well as payment integrations. B2B customers want online storefronts that over robust capabilities found on B2C consumer websites. The benefits of B2B e-commerce cannot be understated. B2B brands that launch online storefronts will sees increases in customers, sales channels, high order values, and improved brand awareness. 

Systum is the B2B e-commerce software that seamlessly integrates with your existing software and provides a smooth experience for both your employees and your customers. Systum makes it easy to streamline workloads, create new revenue streams, and attract and retain new customers. 

Not all platforms are built like Systum. Systum is a comprehensive solution that marries the front and back ends of a business. While other B2B e-commerce software solutions are merely virtual storefronts, Systum supports your business from beginning to end. 

While every business has its own unique culture and needs, at the core, each business manages the same demands and needs like marketing, sales, fulfillment, data analysis, and more. Systum makes it easy to streamline and integrate every aspect of your business into one use-friendly dashboard. Instead of juggling the installation and maintenance of half a dozen different B2B e-commerce software solutions to meet your needs, Systumdoes it all. 

At the heart of Systum is a powerful data integration function. When you use different software for different aspects of your business, you risk forming data silos. Systum offers a 360-degree view of your data – all of your data – in useful ways. Your data is packaged and repackaged into topic-specific tabs that make it easy to see what matters for marketing while the rest falls away. The same holds true for invention, order management, customer service, and every other area. When you need to data that refers to a specific area of your business, it’s as simple as clicking into the right tab. 

This type of data synchronization across your business and data analysis and manipulation has heretofore been unavailable except for the largest global enterprises. Now it’s available to small and medium sized businesses through Systum. 

Systum is built to reduce your costs of software ownership and maintenance, reduce administrative strain, and delivers data in real time. Whether you want a bird’s eye view or a bug’s eye view, you can see everything pertaining to your business with a few clicks. 

When choosing a B2B e-commerce software, it is important to pick a software that is built for your specific needs as a small or medium sized business. For example, Systum is built in the cloud and is offered through a subscription package. With Systum, there is no need to invest upfront. Not only is Systum available to you and your employees anywhere you have Internet, it is a low risk investment. You can pick the subscription pay-as-you-grow plan that best fits your needs so you aren’t overpaying for software.

Systum offers a suite of features for all of our customers, including:

  • Distribution and e-commerce platform. Systum’s heart is a powerful online storefront. You can create brand awareness, increase sales and sales channels, improving relationships with customers, win new customers, and more. It is easy to create and edit product listings, keep inventory up to date, and integrate payment methods. 
  • Marketing and sales. Marketing thrives best with power data analytics to tell you what’s working and what’s not. That’s what Systum brings to the table. Whether you want to maximize your ROI, track Google AdSense information, or optimize for SEO, you can do it all in one dashboard.
  • Inventory and order management. Systum offers automated reordering, inventory forecasts, the ability to track costs and revenue, and more.  Invoicing and billing. Create invoices, bills, or quotes in seconds. 
  • Analytics and business intelligence. Eliminate data silos and make your data work for you with our advanced data analytics and business intelligence software. 
  • Customer service and CRM integration. Build relationships with current and new customers that will create repeat business, engender trust, and drive sales. 

Systum was built by software developers frustrated with expensive and clunky enterprise-grade B2B e-commerce software. Systum is success simplified.  

Systum is the best B2B e-commerce software on the market for small to medium sized businesses. The best part is that you can try out Systum today for free. 

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