Analytics for Ecommerce Sites

Gain Visibiltity into Your Ecommerce Site with Systum's Analytics for Ecommerce Sites

As an online retailer, analytics for your ecommerce site is mission-critical.   Airplanes in the sky constantly monitor speed, direction and altitude among many other variables to get their passengers safely to their destination following the smoothest, most efficient route possible.

Your business is no different.  To make sure you keep your business on course you need feedback and information in real-time to remain agile and stay one step ahead of the competition.  Systum’s analytics for ecommerce sites and business intelligence capabilities give business owners complete command.

Timing is Everything

Opportunities often present themselves quickly in the 24/7/365 world of online retailing.  Having access to real-time analytics can make the difference from capitalizing on an emerging trend in the marketplace or making your move too late and completely missing out.  Systum’s business analytics software for your ecommerce site will provide you with the data you need when you need it.

Complete Integration

Many companies are currently using as many as 6 different software solutions to manage and run their business.  Many of these applications have little to no integration to communicate with the other components.  It is like trying to put together a puzzle with pieces from different boxes that just do not fit.  Analytics for an ecommerce site must include information from every department of your operation.

Systum has combined all the elements you need in a centralized platform.  Because marketing, sales, inventory, and accounting are all part of one connected system, analytics for the ecommerce site as a whole are more complete, insightful, and accessible by everyone on your team.

Laser-focused Marketing

Small and medium-sized businesses do not have the luxury of placing a low-probability wager when it comes to spending marketing and advertising dollars.  Utilizing analytics for a ecommerce site can provide a business owner with vital feedback to insure that campaigns convert and drive sales.

Systum’s fully integrated single-source platform makes it simple to launch and track marketing emails and promo codes.  Analytics for the ecommerce site can allow you to see which Google AdWords are performing the best and make adjustments on the fly.  Powerful CRM tools also allow you to more smartly segment your customers and deliver more targeting messages and offers that enhance and grow the relationship.

Detailed Dashboards

For a small or medium-sized business every employee’s effort has to count.  Many team members may wear multiple hats within the organization and need different information to get each job done.  Systum provides analytics for the ecommerce site and all of your operations in the form easily accessible dashboards.

Business owners and members of your executive team will always have full command and control of every aspect of your business.  The ability to strategically plan and execute your long-term business plans will be greatly enhanced and provide better collaboration.  Drill down to a granular level using analytics for the ecommerce site to manage the smallest nuances that can make the difference between success and failure.

Maximize Profit

To reach the maximum number of potential customers in the global marketplace online retailers need to do more than simply open their own ecommerce store on their website and hope shoppers will find them.  Amazon, eBay, and other global marketplaces provide massive opportunities to expand your reach.  Systum offers your business fully integrated capabilities to manage and grow these channels.

Where you sell your products ultimately has an opportunity cost.   An online retailer can max-out profit by selling mostly from their own web store where they can control the relationship and messaging with the customer.  Analytics for your ecommerce store on the Systum platform will be able to provide you with details that allow you to decide which products should be sold through which channel. 

An airline pilot is alway fully in command of his ship and has full authority to make all decisions   Timely information and maintaining situational awareness while making constant course-correction allows a safe, on-time arrival.  Systum’s analytics for a ecommerce site will also allow you to maintain command and control of your business’ destination.