All In One Ecommerce Software

Systum Is Your Best Solution for All In One Ecommerce Software 

Many small and medium-sized business today are using a patchwork of technology solutions to operate their business on a daily basis.  As a business owner you need to maximize effort moment of effort you put into your business everyday.  These  fragmented software tools require duplication of efforts and make your entire team less productive.  Systum’s all in one ecommerce software streamlines your entire digital world in one powerful platform.

CEO Dashboard

As the captain of your ship you need to be able to have real-time information about every element of your business enabling you to make all the big picture decisions along with all the minute course corrections.  By leveraging Systum’s all in one small business management software online you bring all your activities and data into one completely integrated platform. 

Your leadership team also needs to have access to vital information in real-time to keep their people and their departments efficiently on task at all times.  Role-based dashboards can be configured to empower every employee in your company with the most current data to better serve your customers.  Dashboard functionality integrated into Systum’s all in one ecommerce software can provide a 50,000 foot view all the way down to the last microscopic detail..

Marketing and Lead Generation

The ability to maximize your SMBs marketing dollars is mission critical for you to be competitive in a loud and crowded online marketplace.  Instead of applying these efforts siloed outside of your other departments, Systum’s all in one ecommerce software connects all your marketing activities within the same ecosystem.

Monitor and make adjustments to email campaigns and track how promo codes are performing historically over time.  Make sure you Google AdWords campaigns are always fully optimized to generate the greatest ROI for your business.  All of these functions and more are fully integrated as a part of a complete, all in one ecommerce software solution.

Ecommerce and Wholesale Distribution

There are many different online fronts in the battle for online sales.  Companies maintain multiple storefronts while also tapping in to the global marketplaces by also selling their products on platforms like Amazon and eBay.  Even though this makes managing all these challenges more complex, Systum’s all in one ecommerce software allows to to monitor and manage all your activities everywhere from one simple interface.

This level of integration allows a business owner to decide the best marketplace to sell their products to maximize profits.  Keep you inventory and your revenues flowing and keep up with the rapid pace of online retail sales and wholesale distribution that is now transacted 24/7/365 across the globe. 

Sales Management

SMBs do not have access to the same number of sales teams as larger enterprises, but that does not mean that you cannot have the same sales tools.  Systum’s all in one ecommerce software solution integrates a full suite of tools including robust reporting and tracking of sales pipeline data, quotes, and deals completed.

Inventory and Order Mangement

Perhaps the most complex and time intensive aspect of running an online business is keeping the right inventory in stock and making sure that orders go out the door in a timely manner.  Because all these functions are a part of the same complete all in one ecommerce software solution, your team will be able to keep your online business moving like a well-oiled machine no matter how many locations you manage.

Automation capabilities allow you to set reorder points that tell the system to generate an invoice and communicate with your vendor.   Because all the data is real-time you never have to worry that customers will be disappointed that you are out-of-stock of their favorite items.  Advanced features allow you to only present products that are drop shipped when they are actually available on the warehouse shelf to be shipped.

Billing and Accounting

Getting customers to find your products online and decide to buy from your company is of vital importance, but the deal is not done until others revenue is on the books.  None of that happens without a bullet-proof billing and accounting process.  Systum has integrated this as a key component of our all in one ecommerce software solution that includes API integrations with Sage, QuickBooks, and Xero. 

Customer Service and CRM

At Systum we believe that your CRM solution should not be a completely different product that may only offer limited connectivity.  We made our all in one ecommerce software with enterprise class CRM capabilities fully integrated.  This is the neural network that connects all your activities and tracks a single customer record though all the activities and departments that will come in contact with your customers. 

These are some of the highlights of the core elements of Systum’s all in one ecommerce software solution.  Give your entire organization a digital makeover and reduce the number of platforms and software your companies is having to access on a daily basis.  Simplify with Systum.