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An operating platform for your business

Systum gives you real-time visibility and control of all relevant aspects of your wholesale distribution business.

Which channels work best?

From your store to your web site, to Amazon, check how all your channels are performing.

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Is my marketing working?

Track your campaigns, who has responded, what are they buying?

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What do my customers want?

See at a glance what is trending for views and sales.

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Is that in stock right now?

Automatically sync your inventory, orders and sales across all your channels.

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Where am I making money?

Get insights into how your business is performing from A-Z.

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Set up your business
for growth

Systum is a simple application to use and set up. It manages all the complexity of your business for you. In a matter of weeks, you will have all the information in one place. A simple, integrated platform, Systum keeps you in control and allows you to grow and scale at web speed.

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Knowledge is power

Get out in front of demand. Stay on top of your inventory. Update all your channels once. See at a glance what is selling, where and at what margins. Understand what your customers want and turn social media into profits. Systum manages the complexity and allows you to focus on what makes you successful.

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  • CEO dashboard

    A custom view of the business for the CEO. Everything you need to know now.

  • Marketing and Lead generation

    Quickly see how your marketing is performing for you.

  • eCommerce and wholesale distribution

    See what’s selling and where. What channels are seeing the most activity? What’s hot and what’s not?

  • Sales management

    Sales teams get instant access to key measures such as sales pipeline, quotes and orders fulfilled.

  • Inventory and order management

    Track, maintain, restock and view inventory levels from anywhere at any time, across multiple warehouses.

  • Quoting and billing

    See invoices, bills and quotes, and view purchase orders.

  • Customer service and CRM

    View customer support calls, backlog inflow and outflow, submissions over time and open cases by created date.

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Systum brings all of your clouds together into one single database business platform.